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Benefits in Following Jesus

Blessed day, y'all! Last week I talked about fleeing from our sins (Babylon) and turning to Jesus. I have come to realize that there are numerous benefits following the life or way of Jesus. Honestly, these benefits are both spiritual and practical. Today, I want to share six of them with you. 1. Eternal Life and Salvation: When Jesus sacrificed His life for us, it came with the promise of eternal life and salvation (John 3:16). Believing in Him and following His teachings, modeling His way of life gives the assurance of forgiveness of sins, redemption, and the hope of a glorious future in God's presence. 2. Spiritual Transformation: Following the example Jesus gave us can lead to a deep spiritual transformation ( 2 Corinthians 5:17). Through His teachings we are inspired to grow in our faith, develop a deeper relationship with God, and embody virtues such as love, compassion, forgiveness, and humility ( Galatians 5:22). 3. Purpose and Meaning: Jesus' life was dedicated to serving others, spreading love and showing compassion, and fulfilling God's will. Following this path helps us to discover our own purpose and make a positive impact on the world around us (Matthew 28:19). 4. Healing and Wholeness: All throughout Jesus' ministry, He was healing the sick, restoring the broken, and bringing wholeness to those in need. By following His example we are encouraged to seek healing; physically, emotionally, and spiritually; leading to a more fulfilled and balanced life. 5. Inner Peace and Joy: Living a life aligned with the teachings of Jesus' brings inner peace and joy. His emphasis on faith (Matthew 17:20), putting trust in God, and letting go of worry (1 Peter 5:7) encourages a mindset of peace and contentment even in chaotic moments and challenging circumstances. 6. Loving Relationships and Unity: The Life of Jesus epitomized love and unity 6. (John 13:34). Following His example fosters healthy, loving relationships with others and promotes unity within one's own community and beyond. It encourages individuals to love one another, forgive, and work towards a more pleasant world. There are other teachings out there for one to experience. I simply chose Jesus. I am a recipient of the benefits of following His teachings. I believe if we all did, we will undoubtedly experience a richer and more fulfilling existence, both on earth and in the eternal life to come. #Jesus #FollowJesus #Love #Unity #Compassion #Forgiveness


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