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This is Why I
Do What I Do!

From Podcast to Blog Post to my e-books, see what others are sharing about their experiences with me, Valerie Champion!

Just a quick note to tell you how much “Have No Fear” blessed me this morning.

We have some big developments happening in our company - so exciting - but I’ve really found myself getting bogged down in the details and becoming fearful…even though I know better!

So your pod was God’s perfect timing!

Thank you for blessing me!!!

Mr. Jontra


I get up every morning, I pray
I go to sleep every night, I pray
I have learned from reading your books of love.  The power of prayer.  Thank you for letting me use your sunlight shine on my soul. 


Mr. P


My Spiritual Coach saved me from depression and anxiety.  She gave me hope and comfort not only as a coach, but she was also a blessing... she changed me.. No words can express how thankful and blessed I am since I met her.  She deserves more.  Thank you so much Mama!  From loving me and for the prayers.. You are Truly a blessing for all of us. God bless you always and more more power.

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