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Psalms 34:1 - Make it a Promise!

Good Monday morning y'all! One of my favorite verses is in Psalms 34. The first verse, which states "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth."

Can we make this a promise? Can we commit to always blessing the Lord? Can we commit to always praising God?

Let's look at what that all means. "I will" means that your actions will occur in the future.

To "bless the Lord" means that your future actions is to look favorably upon God.

"At all times" means on a regular basis.

"His praise" means that you will express admiration for the Lord.

"Continually be in my mouth" means that your actions will be to praise God on a frequent basis from your lips.

If God is in your heart, it will come out of your mouth. What's in your heart comes out in your actions? So, if there is praise in your heart for God, it should come out of your mouth constantly. David praised God even when was running for life, not just when things were going well.

God is such an awesome Father who deserves a HALLELUJAH, the highest praise. He has never reneged on any of His promises for us. So, why can't we make it a promise to always bless the name of the Lord and praise Him simply for who He is? He is God, so make it a promise!

Have a magnificent Monday & an amazing new week!


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