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Gift of Thankfulness: God's Guidance and Protection

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Once a year we take a day or two to recognize the gift of thankfulness by celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Example, my family, we all form a circle and take turns giving thanks for whatever or whomever. I believe we should acknowledge the gift of thankfulness on a daily basis. Despite all the bad or hateful things going on in the world, we still have much to give thanks to God.

Think about it, we live in a country where as women, we can freely walk out of homes uncovered and head to work without any fear. As a people, we can openly worship and profess our faith in Jesus without persecution. We can draw money out of the ATM without worrying if there will be any money. There are so many little things we have that we should be thankful for yet we take for granted. People across the globe would give anything to switch places with us.

This month I will be sharing people and things that I have been blessed with. God has truly guided and protected my life and it took me almost half a century to realize He has always had His hand on me. And for that I am so thankful! I also give thanks, glory, honor and praise to God for Jesus. I encourage you to take a moment everyday to give thanks; write it, say it, show it or pray it. Just do it!

Love, peace & joy to you!


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