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Gift of Thankfulness: Poem

Thanksgiving To Me Thanksgiving to me is not just another day Even though there are some who might just say. It is a day of reflection and rejuvenation Giving thanks to God for eternal salvation. Through His One & Only Son, Jesus Christ He is the true Savior of my life. Is it a day to thank God for His mercy and His grace And for strength to get through the storms we all have face. It is a day to give thanks to God for His everlasting love And for the sun, the stars, and the moon that shines from above. To me Thanksgiving you see, Is a special day to gather with family. Not just those who we call kin It includes a family of friends. Be blessed and be a blessing! Valerie Champion Revised 9/9/2021


Comment below with a few things you're thankful for. Love, peace & joy to you! #Thanksgiving #Thankfulness #Thankful #Grateful #Gratefulness #BeThankful


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