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Gift of Thankfulness: Spirit of Love

In order to house other folks' children, there has to be a spirit of love. And not just for the children but for people in general. I truly can say God has given me the ability to live with all people. This sometimes makes me vulnerable to the tricks of the enemy. But guess what? I'm so thankful for a spirit of discernment.

You see, I opened my home up to friends of my youngest sons when he was in middle school and I'm not just talking about two or three. There's about a dozen or more of them as the years went by. Majority of them have actually lived with me. I never asked a dime from them or their parents. I truly believe with a spirit of love, I could not have done it. Especially being a single mother. But God!

Comment below with a few things you're thankful for.

Love, peace & joy to you!


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