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Remembering the Journey

I had the privilege of talking to some of our young folks about Holy Week. It was an awesome surprise to learn that most of them knew about it, though they were not sure what it meant. What's funny is that we have grown folks that don't know either. Which of course is sad because of significance this week represents. The journey to the cross!

The last days of our Lord Jesus is worth remembering. It is worth remembering that He is the ultimate sacrifice of God! Holy Week gives us the opportunity to fast, pray and repent of our sins. The journey to the cross was an intentional act of love!

Here's some of the questions I asked the young folks and am asking you all. These are not hard to answer.

What do you know about Holy Week?

Who is Jesus to you?

What does sacrifice mean?

Why should we forgive others?


Scriptures to read: Matthew 26:17-75, Mark 14:12-72, Luke 22:7-71 and John 13:1-18:27


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