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Giving Honor to Mothers

This coming Sunday is Mother's Day y'all! The world gives honor to mothers one day out of the year. However, mothering is a 365 days a year job. There is no time off or vacations given to mothers. We can't wake up and call off our motherly duties.

Some of us have to still rise up as a mother even when we are ill or in pain because there is no one else there to take over. Trust me I know this full well as a single mother; duty still calls.

It is sometimes a tough job to be a mother because the job description has a variety of duties under it; all without pay. There is a video floating around on Social Media that details most of the tasks we perform as a mother. We are chefs, housekeepers, nannies, hairdressers, personal stylists, doctors, lawyers, accountants, prayer warriors, and teachers; to name a few. This is the reason we should give honor to all mothers 365 days a year!


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