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Gift of Thankfulness: Divine Connection

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Last week I mentioned that God has His hand on my life even when I didn't realize it. Well, I believe He also orchestrated several of my relationships both as a teenager and as an adult. Let me start with a divine connection that not even we could have broken. I am truly and forever thankful for 37 years of sister-love with my best-friend Vunita Pharms. She always provided wisdom whenever I went to her with an issue. I can't recall but one disagreement we had over the years. I mean we didn't agree on everything, but this particular incident had me heated and I let her know it. All she did was laugh. We could never stay mad at each other. I will definitely miss her.

As an adult, God has allowed me to be divinely connected to some awesome women of God. These women all range in age and in location. They have all been to me, either a mentor, a coach, an accountability partner (my AP), a cheerleader, a teacher, or a prayer warrior. They did not all show up at the same time. One by one God sent them into my life. If it is one thing I've learned, it takes great relationships to be successful. You can't do it all by yourself, you need others. God knows I am forever thankful for Sharon L., Mae, Coriya, Joyle, Donna, Carol, Cozetta, Mary aka Mama B, Cassandra, Michelle, Linda, Aricka, Tyasia, Flora, Betty, Alpha Joy, Kathy and Angel. God really knows what He is doing when it comes to masterfully directing our lives. I bless Him for these individual women who have been a true blessing in my life.


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