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Word’s of Encouragement

God can use you just like He used David. We all know that David was a mere boy when he slays Goliath, the Philistine giant. He is now known as a giant slayer. B.U.T David couldn’t do it in his own strength and he knew it. ( See 1 Samuel 17:49) His victory was a result of the power of God.

In life we all will have our own giants to slay BUT, like David, we can’t go into battle without God. It doesn’t matter how enormous the situation may appear to be. It doesn’t even matter how long you have suffered. Some of us have struggled for years financially. Others are stressed about that child who looks to be making bad choices. There may be others who are having marital problems. Remember, the size of your giant doesn’t compare to the power of our Father in heaven.

The Bible says, “for the battle is not yours, but the Lord’s”. So, have faith that He will give you what you need to be victorious. When you rely solely on God for strength and provision, you become a giant slayer yourself.

To quote someone I heard say recently, “trust the process”! 


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