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Welcome to my story!

When life throws you sour lemons, make sweet lemonade.

We have all gone through situations or circumstances where we just knew we were not going to make it to home plate. Or maybe we were up at bat for possible strike out. As we think about it, we've been here before. Not once, but several times whereas, we have hit some home runs and have struck out. Nonetheless, we continue to show up in life with our best, time and time again - always ready to give it a swing!

Hi, I'm Valerie aka Mama Goose. I would like to welcome you all to my story!

A place where you just might see yourself in the love, the pain, the struggles, and the gain, the strengths, the weaknesses,  disappointments and & achievements. You see, "life for me ain't been no crystal stair." There have been bumps and bruises along the ride and yes, I still choose to rise!

As you take this journey with me, I pray that you find some encouragement, inspiration, strength, love and motivation to continue to navigate through life. We don't know what lies ahead, b.u.t. God knows! Keep faith! 


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