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Transparent & True (Poem)

Look at you, some of you looking a hot mess. When was the last time you got a full night's rest? My sister, my brother, please don't take what I say in a negative or derogatory way. See, I'm just like you. I'm here to be transparent and true. Who'd ever thought their husband would cheat? No way Jose, not me. Broke me down to the bone, left me feeling lost and alone. As a single mother, one income, feeding mine & the neighborhood kids was no easy task for me. There were many times I felt so small and weak. There were days my cupboard was bare. Days of fear and depression, feeling as if nobody cared. To be honest with you, and staying transparent and true; Sis, I am a hot mess too. I can truly tell you, life for me ain't been no walk in the park. There were many days I felt lost in the dark. But I must confess, that in all of my mess, God our Father still chose me to bless. The moment that I realized I had a choice, to use my voice, speaking the word of God over my life, was like cutting through the darkness with a knife. I heard someone say it won't always be this way but I needed to watch what I say. And stop dwelling on pain of the past and mistakes that didn't last. Instead, as you live out your life's plan, just simply hold on tight to God's unchanging hand. It's easy to do when you are transparent & true! Valerie Champion (2018)


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