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Prayer for Our Children

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Pray for their minds: Father God, we pray that our children will seek Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding and not the false wisdom of this world. Give them a spirit of discernment and help them to capture and cast down every negative and evil thought that may plague their minds. Help them Lord God to seek out the truth of Your word! In name Jesus.

Pray for their eyes: Father God, we ask in Jesus name that You will open their eyes and help them to see the wondrous truth in Your law. Allow them to see the awesomeness and goodness of who You are. And because they belong to You, help them to see the goodness in themselves. Lord God, help our children to also see others for who they really are. Father God, we pray that they will be mindful of the things they watch on TV, IG, Facebook and TikTok but would focus their attention on doing what they know is right, in the name of Jesus.

Pray for their ears: Lord God, as they are out in the world, there will be many voices attempting to influence our children. We pray Father God, that Your Spirit will help them to tune them out so it is Your voice they hear and heed. We pray that they would be careful of the music they listen to which can have a negative impact on their behavior and attitude, in Jesus name.

Pray for their mouths: Lord, we pray for the words that are released from their mouths. Let them be words that are pleasing to You. Let them be words that lift others and themselves and not to tear anyone down. Lord, we pray that they speak words of truth and not lies, words of kindness and not hate. We pray Father that whatever they speak, it will allow others to see You in them. In Jesus name.

Pray for their hearts: Father God, we pray that our children will learn to hide Your word, Your truth in their hearts. Renew in them Lord a clean heart. Give our children a heart of thankfulness, a cheerful heart, a heart like David that is after Your own heart. We pray that our children will not hold any evilness in their hearts but that they will have a heart of forgiveness. Give them a cheerful and happy heart Father God, in Jesus name

Pray for their hands: Lord God, we pray in Jesus name that our children will use their hands to do good and not evil. That they will seek to work hard and to use their hands to serve others. Please do not allow them to have idle hands. Father God, we pray that You will bless, confirm and establish the work of their hands. In Jesus name.

Pray for their legs: Lord God, we pray that our children will not walk in step with those who do evil nor stand in the path of sinners. But Lord, that they will find wise and godly friends as they walk out the purpose You created for them. If they get weary in their walk, help them to lean on You.

Pray for their feet: Father God, we ask that You will order each of their steps as they journey to fulfill their destiny. Thank You that though they stumble, they will not fall. We pray that they will walk with wisdom and not with foolishness. Lord, give our children the courage and strength to stand for what is right. In Jesus name.

Pray for their spirit: Father God, technically, our children are Yours, they are simply on loan to us. So we pray that You will renew a steadfast spirit within them. Allow Your Holy Spirit to lead and guide them at all times. In Jesus name.


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