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Praise Your Way Out

There is a song by Isaac Carree titled "In the Middle of It". It is one of the songs I play when I can't shake the negative vibes from my daily stresses. It reminds me that if I praise God as I go through my situations I find strength. My mind is a lot clearer and I am able to think more logically. The enemy wants us to dwell on the problem. He wants us to remain stuck. When I tell God that we have a problem that needs His handling, I free myself from worrying about the outcome. God is in control. He says that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. Praise your way out!

Praising God reminds me that things could be alot worse. There are others who are suffering and they don't know God. They don't know that He can calm their storms. So, I praise God for knowing Him. I praise God for the breath of life to walk through the storms with Him. I praise Him for salvation. I praise Him for doing the impossible.

Today, I'm executing the enemy with my praise. I'm praising my way out!

Have yourself a wonderful praise party!


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