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No Satisfaction

In a world where almost everything can be done in an instant, mail delivery on everything from a pocket knife to a car, no wonder we can't find any satisfaction. We go from wanting one thing today to wanting something else tomorrow. As humans, we were wire to have a longing. We walk around longing or searching for the right person or even the right house or the right job; 2 years later we decide these things don't satisfy us anymore. So we start looking or desiring something or someone different. There are some who marry, six months later, they're divorced. It brings to mind the fairy called "The Princess and the Pea". If my memory serves me right, she longed for a good night's sleep, but just couldn't get one. Night after night a new mattress was placed on top of previous ones. And to no avail, there wasn't a mattress that could satisfy the Princess. She got no satisfaction! Until it was discovered that all she needed to do was to remove the small magical pea from under the first mattress.

Now, think about us humans. There is nothing in this world that can satisfy that deep sense of longing. We can stop searching. We can stop going from place to place or person to person. In Matthew 6:33 it says "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." We won't get no satisfaction, that is, until we first seek the one who longs for us, Jesus. He is the source of our satisfaction.

Here's something to take you through your week. Are you getting the right satisfaction?

Be blessed & have an amazing week! 


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