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New Beginnings

In three days we will witness the swearing-in of a new president. And in three days we will once again renew our hope in this country. Can we agree that we don't want a repeat of the last four years? Can we agree that it's time for unity? Can we also agree that we are all looking forward to new beginnings?

Despite what it looks like today, we can choose to have a positive attitude or outlook about our future. I'm expecting new things to happen for me and those around me in the upcoming new year. I hope you are as well. I've learned that God is always in control, no matter who's in the White House. He will reign on high forever! His plans for my life are for my good not for disaster; to give me a future and a hope. These are His plans for us all.

So, with 2021 just beginning, what is something new you can do or somewhere new you can go? Don't worry about yesterday or last month. We're looking forward to new beginnings!


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