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It's Not Over

Anxiety has a way of creeping up when we fear the unknown. Situations happen that cause us to forget who's in control. We start feeling like it's over. Like the end has come. There's no way we're going to bounce back from this. The rent is 3 months behind. College tuition is due. Husband just lost his job. Teenager in trouble with the law. The fear of not knowing the outcome is sometimes horrifying. These are moments when we must remember that God has the final say.

In the story of Job, we're reminded that we must keep the faith. It is not over! The one who created the foundation of the earth, who controls the direction of the wind and keeps the sea inside its boundaries, has the power to change our situation. In Job 38, God reminds him of who He is and the power of His hand. So when those fearful emotions show up, just confront them with your faith in God. Trust that He is concerned about the things that concern us. So remember, it's not over until God says so.

Keep loving and trusting Him!

Job 37:14 - " Pay attention to this, Job. Stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God!"

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Valerie Champion
Valerie Champion
Apr 21, 2023

God is the #impossible God! All things are possible with Him!!

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