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How Often Do You Extend Hospitality?

What does it mean to show hospitality? It is to graciously and generously extend a warm welcome and to entertain guests, visitors, or strangers in your personal space. How often do you extend hospitality? I know many people who prefer not to have even relatives, let alone a stranger over to their home. They have their reasons for not being hospitable. Some think very highly of themselves and value things in their homes as opposed to valuing the value of people. Some think they do not have time to play hostess to other people due to their busy schedules. Then there are some individuals who feel their home is not worthy to have visitors over. I am sure there are many other reasons that people come up with not to practice hospitality.

But, let's reflect on what God says about hospitality. We see in 1 Peter 4:9 it tells us to "offer hospitality to one another without grumbling." Why do you suppose God put it in Peter's heart to advise us of this? Before we attempt to answer this question, let's look at other words for hospitality. My Google search revealed that these words are similar: good cheer, comradeship, good-fellowship, welcome, warm reception, geniality, warm welcome, cordial, hospitable, unfriendliness and bountifulness. If we think about these words, we can see that these are some of Jesus' traits. He gave everybody a warm welcome to join Him in His eternal home. He informed His disciples that He was leaving to go and prepare a place for us. Jesus extends a warm welcome to the many mansions that God has available for those who love and trust Him.

While we are here on earth we have been asked or tasked to prepare a place for others. We have been instructed to extend a warm reception to others and not to just God's people. In doing so, we demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus. We show the world that we are obedient to the word of God. I never really understood my reasoning for opening up my home to other people's children. That is until one day, God spoke to me and said they needed to be saved from themselves. They needed a safe haven to survive otherwise they would be lost. I do wonder at times, what would have happened to them had I not shown hospitality and opened up my home to them? How often do you display love and compassion by extending hospitality to others?

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing


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