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Get God-Focused

How do you wake up most mornings? Do you use an alarm of some sort? Do you hit snooze once, twice, seven times? Do you lie in bed to “thaw out” for a few minutes or do you get right up? There are obviously many ways to wake up, but most of us probably lie in bed for a moment to orient ourselves. As you start the process of orienting yourself, do you begin to think about your day and all that is before you? Where does your thoughts go as your mind becomes alert?

We have a choice to make every day, every morning when we wake up. Will it be God or will it be me?

It is amazing how quickly we can make ourselves, our schedules, or our to-do lists first in our thoughts and priorities. How often do we think of ourselves first and then maybe later at some point give a passing thought to God whom we proclaim as Lord and Savior?

What about you? What is foremost in your mind and heart when you wake up? Who comes first? How do you spend the start of your day? Over the next couple days we are going to look at a practical way we can choose each day to be less self-focused and more God-focused.

Begin today by taking a moment to identify the things, the thoughts,  the activities, or the emotions that can consume you and keep you from worshipping God and serving Him.


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