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Blessings to all Fathers!

For Father's Day

Today, in honor of Father's Day I am sharing one of my poems. I think this one should be in a Hallmark or Black Expressions greeting card. What do y'all think? I hope you enjoy the short read.

Happy Father’s Day This is the day we honor you, Reflecting on all of the things that you do. Those times when trouble drew near, We pulled on your strength and had no fear. You remind us in God we must have faith, Study His word, follow His commands and to pray. Your love like a river through us it flows, Life without you we’d rather not know. To do God’s will is what you seek; 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Unconditional love is what you give to us, Freely from your heart without any fuss. To God we give honor and praise, And we wish you a Happy Father’s Day! Written by Valerie Champion 6/13/12


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