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A Little Known Black History - Sarah Boone

When I was in school we were taught about specific black people. I would say mostly those who made history in the eye of the public. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, Muhammd Ali, Malcom X, etc. We were not exposed to many black inventors. It feels as if they were hidden from us; our hidden jewels. Well, this month, we are going to do a little exposing. Our history should be honored and celebrated 365 days a year. Hopefully, we will learn something new this month.

Who is Sarah Boone? Born Sarah Marshall on January 1, 1832, she was born enslaved in Craven County in North Carolina. She married James Boone in 1847. The couple moved to New Haven, Connecticut and had eight children. She worked as a dressmaker.

On April 26, 1892, Sarah was issued US patent number 473,563 for her improvements to the ironing board. Her redesign of the board invented by another black inventor, Elijah McCoy, made it easier to iron women garments. Mrs. Boone was one of four African American women inventors of her time who developed new technology for the home. She died in 1904.

That's your little known black history fact! #BlackHistory #OurHistory #LittleKnownBlackHistory


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