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A Real Life Answered Prayer

Today, I would like to share a real life answered prayer with you all. I want you to know that God hears us when we pray. This was during a time in my life when I didn't have a relationship with God, though I had given my life to Christ. You see I wasn't following Jesus as I should have once I decided to receive Him as Lord of my life. Prior to moving to Douglas County, I would visit my Aunt Flo who lived here. Every time I passed the Avalon Township subdivision coming and going, I would tell God that I was going to buy a townhouse. I would get to my Aunt's house and would tell her the same thing. She would ask when niece? I would say I don't know but I am. You see, I was living with my sister in Atlanta. I had been searching for an affordable place to stay. I mean I had really been looking but all of the places I found I couldn't afford because they wanted you to make 2 or 3 times that amount of the rent. She finally decided to tell me that it was time for me to move out. I knew that moment would come and knew I couldn't live there forever. So I prayed that night for God to lead me to some apartment within my budget. I got to work early the next day. Got on the internet and searched again. This time a website called For Rent popped up and my eyes fell on Douglasville Proper Apartment. No, I would have never thought to move to Douglasville because it was considered one of the most racist cities in Georgia. The website was offering a $100 back if you signed a lease with any of those listed. So I put in my application and got the apartment. The rent was $200 less than what I was paying in Cobb County before I moved in with my sister. Well, I got it. I moved into my place in March of 2003. Now, raising two boys as a single parent was hard. My youngest son was a handful and used to do things he had no business doing. No, he wasn't robbing people, breaking into cars or selling drugs. Just simply doing regular things boys would do. Our apartment manager would threaten to put us out because of him. It had me on pins and needles. Things were getting a bit tight so I decided to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in June of 2003. This meant giving up my Kia Sportage, I loved that car. My bankruptcy was discharged in July 2003. As the year went on, the threats from the management office kept coming. And I kept telling my Aunt I was going to buy me a townhouse. I had even gone there and got to know the office manager who allowed me to look at a few of the townhomes.

Well, in July of 2004, I started calling around talking to real estate agents. All of them told me I had to wait two years after I filed bankruptcy before I could even begin the process. I prayed and told God that I needed my own home where no one could threaten to put me out. I came across a business card of Mrs. Sharon Bigsby, a loan officer that I had been given back in 2003. She had the faith I didn't have and told me she could get me in a home. We started the process. She introduced me to a real estate agent by the name of Ali. She emailed me several homes that we were going to check out after work. But before I left work I called her and told her I knew where I wanted to live. I told her I wanted to buy a townhouse in Avalon Township. She was amazed because she was the property manager of the condos. I asked if she knew Ms. Betty in the office of the townhomes. She said yes. To make this short, we went there, looked at one on the right. Once done, we went into the office to see Ms. Betty. I told her I was ready. Yall, Ms. Betty told me she would give me $5000 off if I sign & pay the $500 earnest money. I asked if I could bring her $250 this Friday and $250 the next. She said yes. I immediately called my son's father and asked for his help. Y'all, I moved into my home on February 25, 2005, which was not a full two years after I filed bankruptcy. God heard my prayer and answered in His timing, not man's. So, whatever you are in need of, don't stop praying. The Word of God says in 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 17 "to pray without ceasing." Let's pray. Prayer: Our Father, who sits high, may Your name be kept holy always. We pray that Your kingdom will come. Father God, we pray that Your will be done in our lives as it is done in heaven. Father, please forgive us of all sins committed knowingly and unknowingly, in Jesus name. Today Lord, we give all thanks to You for hearing our prayers. When we pray according to Your will we can be sure that You will answer. You might not answer when we want to but the answer to our prayers will come in Your timing. Help us to not give up or give in to the doubt that may plague our mind when we don't see an immediate change. Through Your Spirit Lord, help us to see things the way You see them. Help us to understand and to know that You are working all things out for our good. We give thanks to You because You are in total control of everything. Holy Spirit, help us to pray without ceasing knowing that our prayers are being heard. With all glory, honor, and praise to You Father. These things and all things we pray in Jesus name. Amen


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