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A Prayer for Today

Lord God, help me to not complicate your promises with my own solution. Keep me mindful that you do not need my help to do what only you are able to do. Holy Spirit when I'm moving too fast, please remind me to slow down. Things move according to When God says, not in my time. When I try to see things ahead of God, Holy Spirit I ask that You bring to my remembrance my faith. Faith that says God knows the outcome and that my trust is in Him. Father God, my life is in your hands. Help me to see that always. Oh Jehova, thank you that you desire nothing but the best for our lives. And that no matter what happens your promises will manifest. Thank you Father, for working all things out for our good. Thank you God that your plans for our lives are to give us a future and a hope. Thank you Lord God for your grace which is sufficient in our time of need. Thank you for your mercy that is expressed through your love for us. Thank you for your grace that is undeserved but graciously given. Forgive us father for any sin committed in your sight. Thank you for the blood of Jesus Christ, by it our sin is forgiven and we are washed clean. Glory and honor and praise unto you. In Jesus name. Amen Scripture reading: Genesis 12:1-23, 2


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