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Affirmed, Ablaze, Now Go

As you enter into this space,

may your heart and mind be not the same

when you depart this holy place.

May you leave after being in God's face

knowing who He created you to be.

May the Spirit of God ignite the fire within as

you come to Him in close proximity.

May the word of God become your tool

when it comes to affirming your identity.

No one else can tell you who you are,

you must be committed to raising the bar,

no longer living a life of mediocrity.

Allow the Holy Spirit to set your life ablaze,

giving you the boldness and confidence

needed to walk through life's maze.

Empowering you with strength and wisdom from on high,

as your purpose in life you can no longer deny.

Things for you are not the same as before,

you see, you have been affirmed and ablazed,

now it's time for you to go.


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